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Hiring now!

Who we are looking for

Fraktal Systems is looking for a team of coders with working and practical knowledge in one or more of the below technologies and can do the work that is expected of a modern-day coding professional.

As long as you are smart, willing to learn and go the extra mile, formal education and training is not required and all applications will be considered.

About you and things may already know (or want to learn)

  • React / Vue

  • Blockchain knowledge (Ethereum DApps FTW!)

  • Know how to structure data in databases efficiently

  • Write awesome & efficient algorithms (most important)

  • Be analytical, efficient & be able to create readable code & documentation

  • Ideal for someone with 1-2 years experience of playing with code

  • College students will also be considered for this position

Fraktal Systems encourages applicants from all races, backgrounds and genders. You will be part of a very young organisation and it will be one where your voice will be heard.

CTC is 2.4L INR to 6L INR depending on experience and skillset. Experience is NOT counted in years, but rather how well you know what you know.

If you are an ethically conscious coder who truly wants to make the world a better place, please apply with your resume /github.

Send all details to the email at the bottom of this page.


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